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What do symbols on equipment mean?

Pavel “Hakim” Majerhakim (1)

Tyr is the Norse god of war, courage, fearlessness and victory. Tyr’s rune is Teiwaz . Warriors engraved this arrow-shaped rune on their weapon blades . Teiwaz is part of an ancient magical palindrome TENET, which reinforces the need to win for the wearer. You can know the power of ancient warrior’s runes on your way to victory.

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Being a good fighter at world level is not easy. There are plenty of talented hardworkers, who have the power of will to follow through somewhere. If you want to beat them, you have to have something extra. I draw strength from ancient warrior’s runes. This ancient power hidden within them, pushed me beyond my possibilities.

The runes and Tenet

In Germanic legends god Odin brought runes to the people, when nine days and nights was hanging from a vast world ash, Yggdrasil.
We can consult with runes whenever we have a problem and can not find a solution or an answer to a question. Runes don’t tell us exactly what we should do or how to act, but they give us comment on the situation, a new perspective. This gives greater objectivity, which will help us to make decisions. Wisdom of runes is smoother than a simple “yes” or “no.”
Runes do not give us the answer to all life’s problems or provide us with magical abilities. However, indicate the direction in which we should take in life. They are not only used for divination, but also for protection, healing, strengthening and learning.

During the last 150 years it was published several hypotheses about the origin of the runes. One of the theories is derived from the Greek italics migration northwards, other is relied on the Latin alphabet, and some is saw similarities with prehistoric cult symbols.
Nowadays, it is assumed that the runes evolved from nord Etruscan alphabets in the foothills of the Alps around 250 BC and then spread to England, Ireland and Scandinavia; Documents of lesser known runic alphabets can be found in Siberia and Hungary.
Anyway, we understand the runes oldest writing system of the Germanic tribes, mainly used in Scandinavia and the British Isles, in the late period of the early period of history (also called protohistory), and in the early Middle Ages. These are historical and archaeological artifacts from finding 100 AD the vast territory from Iceland to Romania. Great nothern runes managed to decipher and understand their value to sound in the 60’s of the 19th century.
At present, there are about 5,000 known runic monuments. These are weapons, coins, ornaments, amulets, talismans, stones and monuments. The oldest (existing) runic inscriptions come from the first century, the youngest found the artifact dates from the late 19th century, the Swedish Dalarna.

Belief in runes was keeped for a long time after the Northern Europe spread Christianity and survived a ban on the use of runes, issued by the Catholic Church in 1639. Using the runic alphabet survived until into the 19th century.
Rune had been attached great religious and magical significance. Runic inscriptions have been found on tombstones and swords, scabbards. For practical purposes, each character had its own meaning, the interpretation of which can be found in the Anglo-Saxon rune poem translated into Latin between the 8th and 11th centuries. Even more significant monument mentioning about the use and creation of runes is a poem Runathal.

Meaning of the word rune is interpreted in different ways, different interpretations are similar and always carry a little mysterious atmosphere.
In Old English meant this word mystery or secret. Meaning is preserved in today’s archaism for whispering – round or rown. Gothic word rune meant so secret whisper.
In the old German word rune (raunen) also represents the mystery and secrecy is also whisper. Old Norwegian knows almost identical expression Runar, magical symbols.

Untitled-1 – TENET
Teiwaz– Teiwaz- Tyr- rune very positive, indicating victory, healthy competition, male fertility strength, willpower and vitality. It adds motivation to fight and will to win.
Ehwaz – Ehwaz – physical and spiritual movement, rune communication, message and request for assistance
Ne – Nauthiz – opportunity, perseverance and success
Tenet in runic characters is a formula calling for victory and success.

Runes like any tool can be used to abuse. It’s up to each of us, to pure thoughts, intentions and honest and courageous heart. Then runes are a powerful tool and protection.